Five fireworks companies compete with each other, each with their own fireworks show over five nights, this year from 22 to 26 July. A jury decides which is the wining fireworks display.

The fireworks can be seen from different locations in the town, but the best place to see them is probably on the beaches around Sa Palomera Rock.

No. The Blanes fireworks competition is totally free.

They always start at 10:30 p.m., since it must be completely dark to enjoy the fireworks in all their splendour.

You have several options: stroll around the amusement fair and have some fun, dine out at one of the town’s many restaurants or have a picnic on the beach, which is what many people do while they wait for the fireworks display to begin.

There are usually traffic jams at the entrances to Blanes in the hours leading up to the start of each fireworks show. It’s advisable to get here a few hours beforehand in order to make parking and finding somewhere to eat out a stress-free experience. It’s also advisable not to be in a hurry to leave, since there are also usually traffic jams at the end of the fireworks show.

Only fireworks companies specialized in this type of event can take part.