Sponsorship and partners

Events such as the Costa Brava International Fireworks Competition would not be possible without the collaboration of major companies, which, while contributing to the promotion of these fireworks displays in Blanes, make the most of the opportunity to promote their brands or products, given the national coverage enjoyed by the event.

The quality of the fireworks and the prestige of the competition combine to offer a superb show that is extremely attractive to potential sponsors. In recent years, the event has had a long list of prestigious sponsors.

The central launch site is in the area around Sa Palomera Rock, surrounded by the sea, right in the middle of the bay, in a spot that marks that start of the Costa Brava. The launch surface occupies an area of around 4,000 m2 and the metal fireworks launching gear placed here weighs approximately four tons.

Around 70 technicians assemble the launch site, while a further 90 people provide the other services that form part of the event, giving a total of 160 people. Every night, around 1,200 kilos of gunpowder are fired in the form of different fireworks, which until the day of launch are closely guarded by members of the local police force. The fireworks lighting and launching process is fully electronic; the sequences are controlled by computer from the control cabin, located close to the launch platform.