Safety plan

A comprehensive, detailed safety plan is drawn up every year by the local Civil Protection team, encompassing the mobilization of the state security services located in Blanes, along with the fire service and stationary and mobile Red Cross teams, who have in place a plan for immediate transfer to local hospitals and emergency healthcare centres, which are ready to deal with any potential accidents that might occur.

The participating fireworks companies must fulfil all the requirements listed in the Legal Order of 20 October 1988 for the holding of fireworks shows. They must also hold fireworks insurance policies and Social Security receipts for all fireworks staff.

The organizers of the fireworks competition, whose main priority is the safety of the general public, delimits the launch area, using metal fencing to seal off the series of perimeter enclosures that prevent access to the central platform. This enclosure is guarded from 24 hours before the first launch and up to 24 hours after the final one. Information signs in six languages are placed in the area around the launch site —next to the beach and also sealed off— that read: “Danger: do not pass”.